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Mercure Trier Kaiserthermen
(now Golden Tulip)

The Mercure Hotel Kaiserthermen in Trier is located at the “Europäische Rechtsakademie” / „European Law Academy“ and near the historic Kaiserthermen. Downtown Trier could be reached by food in app. 15 minutes through “Palastgarten”.

The three floor building is quite new and built in “T” shape. It is connected with the Europäische Rechtsakademie / European Law Academy by a covered walkway and therefore often used for events, which take place at the academy.

If you arrive by car, just follow the “Hotelleitsystem” of Trier or the signs “Kaiserthermen” or “Europäische Rechtsakademie”. You cannot drive with the car right to the exit, you have to use the underground parking, where the hotel has an own area with some 30 places for guest in the hotel. From the underground parking there is a staircase and two elevators to reach the lobby.
If you arrive by train, take a taxi from the main station, which is not far away from the hotel and should cost app. 10 EUR; there are two Mercure hotels in Trier, so you should mention the “Mercure an den Kaiserthermen”.

If you enter the hotel, the reception desk is right hand side. This desk is like a “U”, with the check-in counter on the right side and the bar area on the left side. In the middle is an internet terminal. On the one side of the building is the restaurant on the other side the bar area with a meeting room and staircase to the walkway to the law academy.

This place is very big, but only used by the bar for a small part. As the ground floor is really high, this part is not rally nice, if more like a lobby of a meetings area, it somehow cold, especially the bride lightning and because it is not really separated from the rest of the ground floor.

Behind the spacious lobby with some lounge chairs and table are some of the five meeting rooms (the hotel offers meeting rooms for up to 460 person) and at the end the restaurant, where in the morning also breakfast is served. There are also some guest rooms in the ground floor. I was told, this rooms could be noisy, as the corridor ends in the lobby area.

The other guest rooms are in the first and second floor, which could be reached by elevator or staircase. The elevator, which goes also to the underground parking stops every time at ground floor level before going further down / up, which could be very annoying. A keycard system like in other hotel would be a better way. It seems, safety reason are the reason for this stop, but staff does not really look, who is in the elevator.

Note: The hotel is now a Golden Tulip Hotel

Arrival Date: 30th September 2005
Departure Date: 03rd October 2005
Room type booked: Single
Rate Plan: Special Arrangement
Room Number: 145
Room Rate: 66.00 EUR (incl. Breakfast)
Status of Guest Program: n/a

Since a long time, I got a real key instead of a key card. And it was uncomfortable, because I am used to put the key card in my wallet. Also I do not really understand this, as only a few rooms had keys, the rest of the hotel had key cards.

The room was large of seize, larger than I had expected from my experience with Mercure Hotels in the past. The interior was as usual in the most hotels. The bathroom was near the entrance door with a (big) cupboard placed in this part of the room. The room had a bed and a small working desk with television and minibar beside. A lounge chair and a table were also in the room.

There was only one window, which was floor to ceiling and could not really be opened as the bed was blocking the window. It is not a real matter of fact, as all 105 rooms of this hotel are air conditioned, but the interior designer could have done a better job.

The working desk was okay, a LAN connection was available (for a fee).

The bathroom was small, with a tube and a small washbasin with a mirror. The place to store the things you need in the bathroom was very limited. Shower Gel was placed in a big bottle the tube, in addition to this there were two small bottles placed near the washbasin. They were not replaced during the stay.

Housekeeping once forgot cleaning items in the room and did not lock the room. I can understand it, as I am not used to lock my room by a key and could imagine that housekeeping also had some problems with rooms opened by key cards and a few room by key.

The breakfast was an extended continental breakfast buffet with the usual items, such as scrambled eggs, cheese and salami, jam and marmalade, cereals, rolls, toast, and two fruit juices. The buffet was placed near the entry of the restaurant and especially in the time the hotel is fully booked, it was difficult to use as guests leaving or entering the restaurant had to pass this part and therefore disturbed in some way the guest at the buffet. Tea was available, coffee was brought by the staff with refills or placed on the table.

Staff was helpful, but sometimes it seems the lost the overview; another result of personal cutting in the hotel business.