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The Düsseldorf Hilton Hotel is located in a business district app. 2 km from the Altstadt. It's easy to reach from either the main station or the airport by public transportation. From the main station take the U 78 / U 79 in direction Arena / Duisburg to Theodor Heuss Brücke and take the street behind the station. It's app. 10 minutes by subway. From the airport are busses available or you head there via main station, which is not the shortest way. A taxi is app. 15 EUR from the airport.

The hotel is built in the 70ies. It's a 12 storey building, completely renovated in 2002.

You enter the hotel through a revolving door and in the small lobby with the concierge desk and the check-in desk on the left side, while another desk on the left side could be used if the hotel is full. Behind the lobby you are reaching the bar area with the entry to the conference and meeting area on the left side while on the right side is the restaurant. Here, the breakfast buffet is served in the morning. The food is good, but you will find better places in the Altstadt. In the direct neighborhood of the hotel are not many restaurants, if you want to have local food you have to go to Altstadt.

The small gym is located in the basement with two adjacent saunas and a recreation area. Showers are available. The nice thing is you have a direct elevator from the floors to get to this area without need to enter public areas.

The club lounge is located on the 11th floor. It is not very big and it becomes crowded if the hotel is full, but at least during my stays I have never had problems to get a seat, however the use of the internet PC is a bit of a problem. During 18.00 and 20.30 hours hors d'oeuvres are served together with alcoholic drinks like wine, whiskey, gin, etc. Drinks are available during the whole evening and during my stays they have not enforced the “no-food-anymore-policy” after 20.30. Hors d'oeuvres could be spring rolls, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, vegetables with different sort of dips and pastries and other sweet items.

Breakfast is served as buffet in the lounge. You have the usual selection of rolls, bread, scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, marmalade and jam together with cereals and fruits. Tea (bags) and coffee are available from the buffet as well.
Service is very attentive and personally as one could expect. They introduce themselves and recognize you if you are a frequent guest. In this case the lounge managers may greet you personally during one of her visits in the evening.

The status recognition in this hotel is very high. I have been upgraded to Club Floor on 95% of my stays in this hotel.

stays: 07 April 2006 - 03 November 2006 - 04 July 2007 - 25 July 2007

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Arrival Date: 06 April 2006
Departure Date: 07 April 2006
Room type booked: Standard (got Executive Club Floor)
Rate Plan: Free Night Voucher
Room Number: 1126
Room Rate: Voucher

Status of Guest Program: Gold

My first stay in this hotel was a free night voucher I got for the Hilton HHonors Visa Credit Card.

Check In was fast and I was upgraded to Club Floor due to my Gold Status. I was addressed by name and I had only to provide a credit card and sign. I was explained how to reach my room, where the gym is located.

The room is a classic hotel room. You enter the room through the usual entrance area with wardrobe and entrance to the bathroom. The cupboard has an ironing board and the safe. There is sufficient room to store the belongings during a business or leisure trip.
The bathroom is small, but has a bath, sunk and a toilet. The big mirror behind the sunk is in the center part heated. A hairdryer is available. Bathroom amenities consist of lotion, body shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Three big, middle and small towels were available, so more than enough for a single person. A bathrobe and slippers are also in the room for the convenience of the guest.

The room has had a king bed with the bedside table with two lamps on each side, a huge lamp and a LED reading lamp. On the other side right at the entrance to the room are the minibar and the tea and coffee facilities. The TV is placed on a sideboard followed by the big working desk with plugs and LAN port. The desk is big enough to work on and the chair is an ergonomic working desk, really nice and comfortable for working. A lounge chair with a small round table and a lamp were also available in the room.
The interior is in a soft brown / beige color, a bit remembering on the Scandinavian style interior of the Four Points but of higher quality.

A bathrobe and slippers were provided.

I had breakfast in the lounge which was okay. The rooms is small and if you are late it could become full. But beeing early around 7:20 in the morning there was only one other guest in the lounge.

Check out was fast and very convenient. I was asked if everything was okay.

Overall a really good first impression at this hotel and I am really have to think if I change my business from the Four Points to the Hilton, esp. if the rates differ only a few Euros.



Arrival Date: 03 November 2006
Departure Date: 04 November 2006
Room type booked: Standard (got Executive Club Floor)
Rate Plan: 79.00 EUR
Room Number: 1010
Room Rate: Net direct rates

Status of Guest Program: Gold

This was my first paid stay and the room was more or less the same I got on my previous stay.

Check In was fast and I was upgraded to Club Floor due to my Gold Status. I wasn't addressed by name, but I had only to provide a credit card and was told they had me in the system. I was explained how to reach my room

I had breakfast in the club lounge which became full during my time in the lounge. But again the service was personal and very attentive.

Check out was again fast, the folio for my prepaid rate was prepared. This time I was not asked if everything was okay, but was wished a good journey back home.

I think I will move more of my hotel stay in Düsseldorf toward the Hilton since this hotel is nearer to my office than the other option.

Arrival Date: 04 July 2007
Departure Date: 05 July 2007
Room type booked: Standard
Rate Plan: 69.00 EUR
Room Number: 903
Room Rate: Net direct rates

Status of Guest Program: Gold

I arrived in the hotel around 18:20. There were several other people queuing and so I had to wait for two minutes or so, not really an issue. During check in I noticed that something went completely wrong. I was asked for my LH Miles and More number for the Double Dip. Somehow strange, because since the beginning of being a Hilton HHonors member, I had chosen BA as airlines to credit the miles. As I got the keycard to my room, I saw it was on the 9th floor and therefore not an room on the executive floor. I asked about this and was told they only had me as base member in their system. I told them that would be really surprising, since I have never stayed in this hotel not being HHonors Gold. I asked if it would at least be possible to have access to the club floor. The agent replied the hotel was completely sold out and I could only buy an upgrade to a junior suite for additional 120 EUR. I decided not to push is further and only replied that I really doubt this, as rooms on the club floor were available at 16:00 on Hilton.com. At this point I got a voucher for a drink at the bar.

The agent was friendly and I was addressed by name, but it was not true that the hotel was sold out on club floor rooms and I hate it when they are playing dumb.

So I headed to my room with a mixed impression.

The room is a classic hotel room of the same seize and the same interior design than the club rooms. The only thing is, they do not have complimentary water and you do not get cookies and a fruit plate.

The voucher was for a complimentary beer or glass of wine at the bar worth app. 3.50 EUR. The nice thing is, you get some additional discount paying with the HHonors Visa Card.

Breakfast was served in the restaurant and the selection of cold and hot dishes was bigger than on the club floor. It was an extended continental buffet with different sort of bread and rolls, a selection of different types of cheese, jam and marmalade, cereals, yoghurts, pastries. Sausages, scrambled eggs and bacon were available and fried eggs, eggs sunny side up, omelet were prepared by staff. Tea was available from a samovar (tea bags of higher quality) while coffee was brought to the table in a can. Service was friendly and around 6:30 in the morning it was quite in the restaurant – I was the only guest.

Check out was again fast – but I was not asked if everything was okay this time.




Arrival Date: 25 July 2007
Departure Date: 26 July 2007
Room type booked: Standard (got Executive Club Floor)
Rate Plan: 69.00 EUR
Room Number: 1105
Room Rate: Net direct rates

Status of Guest Program: Gold

I had looked in my online profile at Hilton.com and noticed that the reservation now shows an executive room instead of the booked standard room.

I arrived in the hotel around 18:50. This time there were no lines and I was again greeted with the nice “Welcome back at our Hilton, Mr. Klein”. During check in the agent chatted a bit about since my last stay was only three weeks back. She told me, I was upgraded to club floor due to my status and told me how to reach my room, but mentioned she thinks I already knows this.

The room was same seize and decoration like the other rooms I have had in this hotel, so I do not repeat it again.

This time there was an Arabian family staying on the club floor and they messed up the lounge a bit by occupying the most chairs and the children occupying the two internet PC. I was told I could use the business center for free if I was in the need to check mails or use the PC. I would have done so, but I was lucky and shared the PC with an American lady as the children left the lounge for seconds. Really a downside, but since the family of eleven person left the lounge around 20:00 it was okay, especially since the lounge staff decided not to close the evening hors d’oeuvres in time at 20:30 but got even some additional one delivered to the lounge.

I only had a quick breakfast at 6:30 and check out only ten minutes later. Check out was again fast – but I was not asked if everything was okay this time.