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Frankfurt Intercontinental

The Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt is situated near river Main and the Central Station and therefore easy reachable from the airport by public transportation (S-Bahn to Main Station). From the central station you could walk in less than five minutes to the hotel (in direction Le Meridien, the visible Union Investment Tower is just right of the hotel).

The hotel with its 770 rooms consists of two buildings of both sides of Wilhelm-Leuscher-Straße, the River Wing and the City Wing, connected by a corridor under the street. The exterior of both buildings is not very nice, a grey building, not very modern. This impression changes if you enter the Lobby of the hotel in the River Wing building. It is very huge and nice. Right hand side is the Business Center and some chairs and tables. Left hand side is the Euro-Asian Restaurant “Signatures”, which serves an brunch buffet on Sunday Morning. The Italian restaurant “Leons” is located in the basement of City Wing Building. The “DAXx” Bar is also left hand side, open to the Lobby with a large selection of Whiskeys and cocktails. Opposite the bar is the reception and concierge desk. If you pass this you reach the entry to the meeting rooms and the fitness center, the pool area is (unfortunately) closed since the lat renovation. The fitness center is open 7days a week 24 hours and if I visited it for an very early morning round (5.00 am.) on the treadmills I was not the only guest. The equipment in the fitness room is modern and in good condition.

The Executive Lounge is located in the River Wing Building on the 19th to 21st floor. If you wish you got a room there during check at additional 50,00 EUR. I refused this offer this time, as I have had plans to met with a friend in Frankfurt, but plans changed last minute.

Breakfast is served as Amercian Buffet in the “Signatures” Restaurant. Beside vegetables, fried rice, potatoes, eggs (also prepared on demand omelette, fried eggs, pancakes), several sorts of rolls, croissants, bread, pastries, cereals, müsli, marmalade, jam, cheese, ham. What I like, the scrambled eggs, potatoes etc. were only placed in small portions on the buffet and refilled, so it was really warm and fresh prepared food. In Europe, this was one of the best breakfast buffets I have had.

W-Lanpowered by iBAHN is available in the lobby, the Executive lounge and the public areas including meeting rooms, unfortunately not in the rooms.

The qualifying rates at this hotel begin by 100.00 EUR, the sometimes available rate for 95.00 EUR is a non-qualifying rate.

Stays: 20 Aug 05
- 24 Aug 07 - 30 Nov 07

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Arrival Date: 20th August 2005
Departure Date: 21st August 2005
Room type booked: Standard (got Business Room)
Rate Plan: Global Advantage
Room Number: 1803
Room Rate: 112.00 EUR (including breakfast for two) / night

Status of Guest Program: Gold/ Ambassador

I arrived at the hotel at round about 10.45 am. in the morning, primary to store my luggage. During check in I was told it would be possible to check me in right now as the rooms was ready. the lady excused also the missing of the Ambassador Welcome Gift, which would be delivered as soon as possible. She mentioned another room category than I have had booked, but did not told me which room I got. She asked, if I need help with my luggage, but with only a carry on and a laptop bag I refused any help.

The air conditioned room was on the 18th floor, the highest No-Executive Floor with view to the city of Frankfurt with its skyscrapers.

The key card was difficult to place in the door, but after several tries I got into my room. The interior is more or less as in the most hotels. A cupboard in the floor, opposite the entry to the middle seized bathroom with tube, washbasin and toilet. The bathroom was renovated as the whole room was. A nice feature was the heated mirror (the third hotel with this feature, the St. Regis in Rome and the Imperial Sheraton also offer this very nice feature, I should think about it for my flat). Bathroom amenities are for two persons as the number of towels were. Two bathrobes were also available. Towels were changed and Amenities refilled during turndown service in the evening.

The room was mid size with a connection door to room 1801, unfortunately this means you could hear voices from this room, especially as the person staying there got some calls during the night.

On one side was a working desk with LAN connection (modem and high-speed) and a Telefax (a HP All-in-one Printer). The working desk was large enough for work and sockets were also available. A small table with lounge chair were place in front of the window and finally a Grand Lit.

A large bar with an automatic system for billing and tea and coffee facilities. This facilities was an coffee machine, which was not the best way if you prefer tee and the pads for this system were also not available.

The Ambassador gift which was delivered later on together with the bottle of water was some sort of “chair” for your mobile phone.

Check Out was fast and efficient, the bill was sent to my room in the evening, so I could have used the express Check out if I was short of time. During check out I was asked, if everything was okay.

My overall impression for this stay (my last stay was before the renovation in the mid 90ies) is very good. Although I would have preferred a pool, the hotel itself is nice and the staff is friendly and helpful. The fitness facilities are big and the equipment is modern. The interior of the rooms are good, although I would avoid a room with a connecting door due to possible noise.



Arrival Date: 24 August 2007
Departure Date: 26 August 2007
Room type booked: Deluxe, got Panoramic Suite
Rate Plan: Advanced Purchase Rate
Room Number: 1600 + 1602
Room Rate: 160.00 EUR

Status of Guest Program: Platinum / Ambassador

This was my second stay in this hotel. I decide to burn my Ambassador Voucher in this hotel and therefore decided to book a Executive Room which should get me the Panoramic Suite considering the Intercontinental Frankfurt is usually upgrading one room category as Ambassador upgrade.

I arrived round about 13:00 at the hotel which seems really full. This was the weekend of the “Museumsufer Festival”. This event is taking place along the banks of river Main with music, a huge amount food stalls and museums being open till 02:00 in the morning offering special events. This area is really crowded with people during this weekend, unfortunately this is also a very noisy time and if you prefer to sleep before 02:00 in the night you should ask for a room facing the city.

Since one of my reasons for staying in this hotel was this festival, I took the river facing room, which has the nicer views – I was offered a smaller suite facing the street during check-in.

Check in was fast and very convenient. As this was a prepaid stay I had noticed the hotel charged my credit card with the whole amount of 320.00 EUR for this stay. I had written I would like to use a certificate but expected this charge. Anyway, I told it during check-in and it was booked back to my credit card immediately. I got two keycards for my room and was on the way to my room. On the small folder I got with the keycards I noticed the two room numbers written on it: “1600 / 1602”. It seems my plan had worked as expected and after I entered the room I know for sure: It had worked and I could settle myself in a nice two room suite with nice views over the Main and towards Sachsenhausen. The suites come with a small balcony. There is something special about the balconies at the Panoramic Suites. Due the two staircases at the end of each corridor the balconies are no longer usable in the suites with the higher numbers, while the ones on the lower numbers are usable. Here the rooms / suites facing the Main have the bigger and the rooms / suites facing the city have the smaller balcony.

The suites has a living room and a separate bedroom, each room connects with the corridor, so one could enter the suite through either the entrance to the bedroom or the living room. However the key only fits to the door for the bedroom.

The living room had a sofa and a lounge chair along with a table and a working desk. A TV – no plasma TV – and a minibar was also in this room. It was decorated in a contemporary style one find in hotel rooms around the globe. The carpet was beige and had some minor stains.

The working desk was big enough to work. Tea and coffee facilities were placed on the working desk. I really dislike the water boiler, as you usually spill same water if you fill water in your cup. The desk has also some scratches if you take a closer look, but in general I would describe the room in good conditions. Off course on could describe the interior as not that modern anymore but from my perspective I would definitively not say they are in a strong need of a refurbishment. If you go with the mainstream concerning the design you have to refurbish a hotel room every five year and no one would expect this to be done.

At the entrance to the living room is a hallway with the entrance to the bathroom with bath, wash basin and toilet. A heated mirror and a hairdryer were available as well as a full amount of bathroom amenities. Towels for two persons are placed on the racks (two bath towels, two medium size and two small ones). Contrary to the usual room, there was not the usual wardrobe in the hallway, therefore the hallway was of slightly bigger seize than in an usual room. An impression I could confirm during my next stay.

The bedroom could be reached by a connecting door from the living room. So it is possible to use the bedroom as a separate guest room.

If you see the bedroom as usual room, it comes in a classical hotel room interior. Entering the room from the corridor you found yourself in a small hallway with the wardrobe, a place to put your luggage and the safe. On the other side is the entrance to the bathroom. It is bigger than the one at the hallway in the living room. It also has a bath, a wash basin and a toilet. A heated mirror and a hairdryer were available as well as bathroom amenities (shampoo, bath gel, conditioner, soap). Towels for two persons are placed on the racks (two bath towels, two medium size and two small ones).

The bedroom has a kingsize bed with two bedside tables with reading lamps on both and a phone on one of them. In front of the window was a lounge chair along with a table. Opposite the bed were another working desk and the TV. This room had another minibar.

Both working desks had a phone and LAN ports.

This room was also in good condition. If you took a closer look you found some scratches, esp. at the wardrobe, as the hallway in the bedroom was very narrow and in the carpet. But again, the room was in good condition.

A turndown service was provided on both evenings. Bathroom amenities were restocked in the morning, but not the small pads and the pencils / pens. The teabags and coffee were only refilled in one of the rooms. Minor things, but you notice it.

The Ambassador gift was the usual fruit plate and a bottle of water along with a golf tee set. Unfortunately the tees were missing in the folder and I requested another one which never arrived. Since I do not play golf, it is no big issue. Later in December I told the Guest Relations Manager during another stay, this gift was something too special. You should consider the gift should be usable for nearly every guest.




Arrival Date: 30 November 2007
Departure Date: 02 December 2007
Room type booked: Superior, got Deluxe
Rate Plan: 5000 Point Breaks Award
Room Number: 933
Room Rate: Award (5000 pts / night)

Status of Guest Program: Platinum / Ambassador

For the Frankfurt DO I used the Point Break Awards which were available for the Do weekend. 5000 pts for a Deluxe Room were really a bargain considering the rate of 126 EUR for this weekend for a Deluxe.

The hotel was really full during the weekend if you look on the number of people in the lounge, the DAXx Bar and the gym.

Airoli had checked in prior to me, but I had informed the hotel and it was no problem to add him as second guest to my reservation. Unfortunately they were not able to get us a room with two beds.

The executive room was on the 9th floor facing the city. The room had the same seize than the living room in the Panoramic Suite.

At the hallway were the wardrobe along with the safe and a place to put your luggage. Opposite was the entrance to the bathroom. The bathroom had a bath, wash basin and toilet. A heated mirror and a hairdryer were available as well as a full amount of bathroom amenities. Towels for two persons are placed on the racks (two bath towels, two medium size and two small ones). But the seize was small, one of the disadvantage of the bigger Executive rooms.

The room was bigger than the usual hotel deluxe room in this hotel. I had a sofa with a table and a lounge chair.

The bed was placed at the wall to the bathroom. Two bedside tables, both with reading lamps, and one with a phone were placed at each side of the bed. Opposite the bed was the working desk with phone and LAN dataport. Due to the fact that tea and coffee facilities and the TV were also placed on the desk it was nearly to full to work on it with a laptop.

The room was okay, some stains in front of the desk, clearly visible but the furniture had nearly no damage.

This time the Ambassador gift was a small bag which became warm if you press a small metal plate in it (called “Taschenwärmer” in Germany) along with the usual fruit plate with a bottle of water.

Turndown service was provided and bathroom amenities were restocked daily. The small pad and the pencil were replaced this time at the bedside table but not on the working desk.