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Crowne Plaza The Pitter

The Crowne Plaza 'The Pitter' in Salzburg is located near the congress center half way between Salzburg central station and the historic heart of Salzburg. From the airport the hotel could be reached by bus, the bus #2 is running straight without need to change from the airport and the bus stop is only 100 metres from the hotel. If one arrives by car, one should follow the hotel guiding system.

The historic heart of Salzburg could be reached walking in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. In the area around the hotel are some restaurants as well as some shops.

The hotel consists of more than one four storey building which are connected. The buildings are around a courtyard, which features in the summer a beer-garden.

One enters the hotel through the main entrance, which is located at one of the corners of the hotel. One has to take a few steps, which could make it a bit difficult to enter the hotel if one is handicapped or has a baby carriage; there is a side entrance which is easier accessible. Unfortunately this means now the check in area is a few steps down.
Right at the main entrance is the check in area with four desks to check in and out guests. If the hotel is busy, all desk are staffed, usually there are two agents working there. A bit further on the left side are some sofas, tables and lounge chairs. Not the nicest plane and definitively not very charming, although there are some magazines and newspapers available. Unfortunately one cannot see the entrance and check in area, so it is not the ideal place if one is waiting for someone to meet.

On the right side is the entrance to the bar “The Plaza Bar”, which is styled more like a club than a trendy bar. Open from 11:30 to 01:00 the bar serves cocktails as well as some light snacks.
Aside the bar is the restaurant “Imlauer”. Open for lunch and dinner it is more a restaurant for formal dining the the prices are more of the higher side; one should calculate app. 50 EUR for a dinner per person. In the basement of the building is the restaurant “The Pitter Keller”, which is also open for lunch and dinner and is a place for casual dining. The “The Pitter Keller” is serving Austrian dishes with a few international dishes. Though it is cheaper than “Imlauer”, one should calculate around 20.00 to 25.00 EUR for dinner. During the summer month, there is also the beer-garden in the courtyard of the hotel.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant “Auersperg”, which is only open for breakfast (between 06:00 and 10:30 during weekday ans 11:30 during weekends) but can also be booked for private events. Breakfast is served as buffet. The offerings are the usual selection of jam and marmalade, sausages, cheeses, salmon, fresh fruit, cereals, rolls, bread and toast as well as croissants and pastries. Juices and Kombucha and Kefir are also available on the buffet. Tea is available on the buffet using the usual Samovar, while coffee is brought by staff. The selection of hot dishes is including scrambled eggs, rice, hashed potatoes and waffles. In addition to the offerings of the buffet, omelette, poached eggs, pancakes are available in special request.

The breakfast is busy in peak times between 07:30 and 09:30 during weekdays and between 09:00 and 11:00 on weekends.

The rates for breakfast is 15.00 EUR for the cold dishes and 25.00 EUR for the whole buffet. If you have booked a rate including breakfast it always comes with the full buffet.

The interior design of the public areas of the hotel as well as restaurant and bar is not the modernest one, a bit with the design of the late 80ies and not very modern and also not the typical Austrian alpine design (which could also seen as advantage).

In the basement is the gym and the small pool and spa area located. One could reach the hotel by elevator. The elevator has one advantage, if you press the button for SPA, you do not stop on other floors making it more comfortable to go down to the pool from your room in bathrobe.

The gym is of medium size, offering treadmills, stepper, cardio equipment, and some more. They are not the newest one and never have been state of the art machine, but they are perfect for an average training. Towels and water is available as well as locker rooms.

The spa area is offering a sauna (95° C) and a steambath, separated by a curtain from the pool area. Towels and shampoo and bath gel are available. The pool is with a size of 3 x 4 metres very small and I would rather call is a big bath than a pool. There are a few lounge chairs available at the pool area, but the place is rather small and in peak times (i.e. late afternoon / early evening) is becomes crowded quite easy, especially when the occupancy of the hotel is high.

Stays: 13 November 2008 - 27. November 2008

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Arrival Date: November 13, 2008
Departure Date: November 16, 2008
Room type booked: Standard (got Superior)
Rate Plan: Advanced Purchase Bed & Breakfast Rate
Room Number: 204
Room Rate: 212.00 EUR / 96.00 EUR

Status of Guest Program: Platinum

I arrived together with a colleague around noon at the hotel. Our rooms were not yet ready, a result of the high occupancy – the hotel was fully booked – and the circumstance that we had requested rooms with a connecting door. Not problem, we could leave our luggage in the hotel and make a first visit to downtown Salzburg. As we returned to the hotel around 14:30 our rooms were ready. However, it took some time to get our luggage. All three bellboys were busy looking for something and I was asked to get out of their way and my question if I could get our luggage was answered with the comment if I did not see, that they are busy. Only as I addressed one of the check in agents after being ignored for ten minutes I got our luggage, but staff made me feel if I had asked for something illegal. Of course no tip for them, there is not need to give harsh comments to a guest.

Check in was okay, not the fastest but okay. I had to ask for the restaurant which serves breakfast and the times if was served and also for the location of the gym. I would have preferred to get this information straight away. However I was addressed by name.

The rooms are of a standard appearance. The door opens to a hallway, which is a bit longer than the average one. Two closets are located right next to the door, one of them had the safe as well as iron and ironing board.

The bathroom is also above average seize, but had only bath, sink and toilet. I would have been possible to get a stand alone shower in it, but they had not used the space. Shower curtain and head were okay. Bathroom Amenities were available, but they were restocked not properly. Sometimes I had more than enough bottle of shampoo but no lotion. This could have been better. Bathrobe and slippers were provided.

The room itself was big, the impression might be also to the very high ceiling of the room, one of the advantages of old buildings. The room had two single beds with a bedside table between them with lamp and phone. In front of the windows, which could be opened, were a table and two lounge chairs placed. The desk was average, but big enough to work on it.

Tea and coffee facilities were available. Placed on a shelf of the bedside table, they had to be put elsewhere to boil water. The only possible place (due to the plug) was the desk. Unfortunately this means, one could not work any more. Not the best solution.

The furniture was in the design of the 80ies, but had only a few scratches and stains and were in good condition. A little bit of local touch, but the room could also be this of a hotel in the southern part of Germany or elsewhere.

During this time, the wellness are was quite busy and the steambath did not seems to work properly as it was really cold from the second day on – it was okay at the day of our arrival. The sun chairs were often busy and not every time I was able to get a chair after a visit in the sauna.

The breakfast buffet is restocked frequently and the staff of the kitchen is quite attentive. Unfortunately the service staff is not that attentive and we had to wait more than once for new coffee or to get the dirty dishes cleared, staff was chatting with each other.

Check out was okay, the invoice was prepared and everything was okay. I was not asked it everything was okay during my stay rather than wished a good journey. Staff I contacted during my stay were friendly and helpful but also harsh and even rude. Housekeeping forgot a dirty towel used for cleaning the bath. I called and asked to pick it up. I was told to bring it down, which I did, only to discover that the agent working there whom I had talked to let me wait because he had to get gloves for taking it. That seems a bit strange, but I hope it was an exception.

I will definitively stay there again, but this might be a matter of room rates of this hotels and these of its competitors. The location is not bad, the downs are the really small pool and the not that friendly staff.



Arrival Date: November 27, 2008
Departure Date: November 28, 2008
Room type booked: Standard
Rate Plan: Advanced Purchase Bed & Breakfast Rate
Room Number: 518
Room Rate: 151.00 EUR

Status of Guest Program: Platinum

We arrived around 18:20 at the hotel. We were able to check in right away, as we were the only guests checking in. Like on my previous stay, the check in was okay. They did not use the guest system and therefore did not welcome me as a returning guest. It needs just so little, if you make us of the data in your system. I was addressed by name, but my friend travelling with me not, despite the fact their needed her ID as well. That was a bit strange.

This time, not upgrade. Our room was located on the top floor and facing the street.

The room was smaller than the Superior ream, but the interior style was the same. The layout was also this of a standard hotel room. The door opens to a small hallway. A closet is located right next to the door.

The bathroom was small and featured bath, sink and toilet. Shower curtain and head were okay. Bathroom Amenities were available.

The room itself was of average size. The room had a king bed with bedside table next to it. In front of the windows, which could be opened, were a table and two chairs . The desk was average, but big enough to work on it.

Tea and coffee facilities were not available in this room.

We used the wellness are and the steam bath was working again and I was the only guest using the pool.

The breakfast buffet was good and this time there were fewer guest, but we were late for a Friday morning more or less closing down the buffet. Nevertheless it was restocked frequently and the staff was more attentive this time. My impression of the staff here was better than two weeks before.

Check out was okay, the invoice was prepared and everything was okay. I was again not asked it everything was okay.