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Sheraton Ontario Airport Hotel
Ontario (California)

The Sheraton Ontario Airport is located in Ontario close to the airport and the Interstate I-10. The hotel offers a shuttle service to the airport. In close proximity of the hotel are the Ontario Mills Outlet Center Mall and the Victoria Gardens Shopping Mall. Close to the hotel are also some ski areas in the San Bernardino Mountain, e.g. Arrowhead Resorts, Mt. Baldy Ski lifts and Big Bear Lake Resort with its ski area. In summer, these are also nice locations for hiking and other activities.
The hotel is easy to reach as it located between I-10 and airport; it is approximately an hour by car from LAX, depending on the traffic situation.

The hotel has six floors and is a concrete-glass building with a parking lot in front of the hotel and residential as well as offices, restaurants and other hotels in the neighborhood.

A driveway leads to the main entrance and one enters the hotel through a sliding door. The lobby is small with the check in desk on the right side of the entrance. There are two desks to check in and out guests, which are usually staffed with only one person. In the lobby sofas, armchairs and tables are available. On the left side of the entrance, separated by a bookshelf, are the iLink desks and additional seating. There is also “The Orchid Lounge” bar and “The Orchid Grill” restaurant. The restaurant is open from 06:30 to 22:30 and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers Californian and international dishes while the bar is merely serving cocktails and finger food.

The gym is open 24/7 and located on the ground floor. It is equipped with a few treadmills, steppers, bikes but not so much machines for body training.

The outdoor pool is in front of the hotel covered by palms and approximately 10 x 4 meters with and adjacent Jacuzzi for four people. Sun chairs, tables and chairs are placed around the pool. Towels are provided.

The hotel has a lounge on the sixth floor, which is also the executive floor and the keycard is needed to access these floor.
The lounge is small and has a few tables with the buffet in one room while the adjacent room is more designed like a living room. There is also a PC with printer if one needs to print something. Hors d’oeuvres are served in the evening between 17:00 and 20:30. There is one hot item (e.g. rice with curry) among a selection of cold sandwiches, cheese, crackers and chips with dip, vegetables with dip and pastries. Coffee and tea is also available and soft drinks are available in a fridge. Wine and beer must be requested and are brought from the bar to the executive lounge on request. A lounge attendant is available during evening service.

visited on
USA and Canada with LH & BA -

Stays: June 07, 2012

Arrival Date: June 07, 2012
Departure Date: June 08, 2012
Room type booked: Traditional Room (got Executive Room)
Rate Plan: Save 25 % Advanced Purchase Rate
Room Number: 632
Room Rate: 89.25 USD

Status of Guest Program: Platinum

I arrived around 17:20 at the hotel and parked my car on of the free parking spots on the big hotel parking in front of the hotel. Parking is free, which is nice. After I entered the lobby, I was greeted by the agent on duty and asked for my name and the reservation was retrieved from the system. It is worth to note, that the reservation disappeared a day before my arrival from the system. I have encountered this a few times and it is somehow annoying, especially if you need the reservation number or if you want to cancel the reservation online. In so far, I have always a printed copy of the confirmation e-mail with me, as usually the reservation could be found with the reservation number. Anyway, this was one of the reservations which disappeared and it is usually no time to worry, the reservation is still there.

The reservation was retrieved and I was given information about the hotel, the location of gym and pool as well as opening hours. I was also informed that I was upgraded to a room on the club floor with access to the executive lounge serving breakfast and hors d’oeuvres in the evening and also given vouchers for both together with information about the time hors d’oeuvres and breakfast were served.

My room was located at the far left of the top floor and I would rate is as slightly bigger than the typical room on the club floor. It has windows to the right side as well and also to the San Bernardino Mountains (and the highway). It was not quite the typical layout as the entrance area was slightly wider with the closet on the left side and the entrance to the bathroom on the right side. The bathroom had sink, bath and toilet with enough space to store utensils like toothbrush and razor. A standard hairdryer, i.e. not one of the cheap wall mounted ones, was available as well as a vanity mirror. Bathroom amenities were the Sheraton brand and towels were provided for two persons in small, medium and large. Showerhead and curved shower curtain were in good condition, the tap at the bath however a bit loose and one had to stop the shower to adjust the temperature of the water from cold to warm. A bathrobe was placed in the closet.

The room featured a king size bed on the right side with two bedside tables and lamps on each of them. An alarm clock and a phone were placed on one of them. In front of the window as placed an arm chair with a lamp. On the right side was a sideboard with the flat screen TV next to the working desk which hosted also a second phone, a lamp and coffee facilities.

The air condition was one of the older window mounted units, which was controlled electronically but nevertheless quite noisy. It was not really possible to run the air condition while in the room, especially as one was hit by the stream of cold air while sitting at the desk.
The design of the room was okay, using warm brown colors for furniture and a light brown for walls and carpet. The wall behind the bed was painted in a darker brown and set a nice contrast to the other wall. Two modern painting matching the color scheme were setting a nice accent. The design was nothing fancy but created nevertheless a nice atmosphere in the room.

A few scratches and stain were visible if one took a closer look, but I would rate the room as in good condition put aside the slightly malfunction of the tap at the bath.

The wireless signal – unfortunately no wired internet connection – was good and the signal strong.

Hors d’oeuvres were served in the evening and the lounge was not that busy during my visit. The lounge attendant took my voucher and gave a short explanation of the offered items. She was not that attentive as it needed some time until she cleared used dishes. Given the fact that the lounge was not very full, I am not sure, if this was because she was unsure if the guest was really finished, assumed the guest used the dirty dish to get another round at the buffet or was more addicted to the soap opera running in the second room. It might be the first case, as she cleared used dishes after a guest had left, but was not so often clearing used dishes or used can if the guest was still in the lounge. Alcoholic beverage had to be requested by the agent and was brought up from the bar, non-alcoholic beverage (water, juice, soft drinks) were available in the fridge.

I used the gym and everything was okay, the pool area was also not that busy, but a few leafs and dead mosquitos swam in the pool. But far less than in the Hilton Garden Inn in Palm Springs.