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Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport

The Four Points Chicago O’Hare is located in Schiller Park, a ten minutes shuttle ride from the international airport.

The hotel runs a shuttle to and from the airport which leaves the hotel 24 hours a day at .00, .20 and .40 . The pick up stop is at the hotel shuttle pick up across the street from the Hilton Hotel and at Terminal 5. You will be dropped at every terminal, depending on your choice of airline as well as the CTA station.

The hotel is a concrete building between the Tri-State-Tollway / 294 highway and North Mannheim Road and has 295 rooms. It has a part with only one floor at the street while the part with the rooms is set back and has seven floors. There are two elevators close to the lobby and another elevator is further down. The part with the rooms offers a separate door to the parking lot. The keycard is needed to access the building from the parking lot.

The check in desk is right across the main entrance door with three desks to check in and out guests. Usually the desk is staffed with two agents, in peak time three agents are on duty. The lobby is not very big, but sofas and armchairs are placed in the lobby for guests waiting for the shuttle bus. A computer with printer is available to print boarding passes. A gift shop is also located on the ground floor and a hallway leads to the restaurant and bar “The Mirage”.

A business center, open 24/7 is located on the ground floor and printer, computer and photocopying is available. The gym is open 24/7 and the size is okay. It can be accessed through the pool area and threadmills, steppers, bikes among other machines are available. Given the size of the hotel, I would rate it more of the smaller side, but it has not been too busy during my visits. The machines are new though not state of the art. There is a sauna for each gender in the locker rooms and a free form pool with adjacent Jacuzzi. The pool is open 24 hours except Friday and Saturday, when the pool closes at 22:00. Towels were provided by the hotel.

Parking spots are free of charge and located in front of the hotel with a separate area behind the hotel for long term parking, which is locked.

The hotel has 10 meeting and board rooms for up 500 people in the biggest (ball)room. Wireless Internet is available in all board rooms and meeting rooms and the usual equipment for meetings like projector, microphone and speakers, is available.

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USA and Canada with LH & BA

Stays May 30, 2012 - June 01, 2012 -

Arrival Date: May 30, 2012
Departure Date: May 31, 2012
Room type booked: Traditional Room
Rate Plan: Starpicks Rate
Room Number: 728
Room Rate: 69.30 USD excl. taxes

Status of Guest Program: Platinum

I arrived at O'Hare international airport around 22:00 and took the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I was welcomed in the hotel by the agent, however she was not overwhelming friendly. I had called the hotel and asked to send a shuttle and was told to go to door 2 at the pick up location. She never asked at which terminal I was. As the shuttle stops at terminal 5 as well, it would be not that nice to take the train to terminal 2 only to discover that the shuttle would have picked me up at terminal 5 as well. Anyway, I was arriving at terminal 1 and in so far the pick up at the Hilton Hotel was the one for me.

She mentioned that I received 250 points Platinum amenity and I was given a voucher for 10 USD credit for breakfast. She confirmed my inquiry, that I received both, voucher and points. I was not addressed by name neither was any information given, if I was upgraded or not. I did not think so, as the room was what I had booked. In so far the first impression was mixed, I have had many better check in experiences, this was average if at all.

The room had the average layout of a hotel room, a small hallway with closet on the one side and the entrance to the bathroom on the other side. The bathroom had been renovated and featured sink, toilet and bath. The sink was new and modern with two bright lamps a top the large mirror, which became foggy after taking a hot shower. The hair dryer was placed under the sink with two large towels. Bathroom amenities (Four Points brand) were provided as well. The bathroom was small, but okay. There was a cordless phone in the bathroom, but it did not work.

The room had a king size bed on the one side with two bedside tables on both sides. Wall mounted reading lamps were available, though a bit too far away to switch them on or off while lying in the bed. An alarm clock with a phone was placed on one bedside table. In one corner of the room was the empty fridge with microwave oven and coffeemaker. An armchair was also placed in the room. A large desk with built in power outlets and USB port and LAN dataport was in front of the window. A second phone with a desk lamp was also available. The desk was large and I had no problems to work there with a laptop and also to place papers and other stuff on the desk. A downside – at least for me – was the mirror behind the desk as I dislike this. It is annoying and irritating if one sees oneself in the mirror while working, especially as it was very close.

Next to the desk was a sideboard with the big flat TV and space to store other things. It was an ‘open’ sideboard, i.e. no drawers. The furniture looked new, but already had several stains and scratches.

The room was average. It seems to be renovated shortly, though the quality of the renovation was not the best. Sockets and switches were not straight and the fixing of the wallpaper was also not the best. The walls are really thin, as one could here noises from the hallway and other rooms. The furniture had several scratches, the dark carpet looked okay, but I think the dark carpet might help to pretend stains. The rooms uses warm colors, mostly variations of brown. The wall behind the bed was darker than the remaining walls, which were light brown / beige.

There was only one wall mounted lamp, which was turned on with the central switch at the entrance, all other lights need to be turned on at the lamp. This was far from ideal, but not uncommon for US hotel rooms.

The bed was too soft for my taste and the mattress was probably not the best.

The air condition did not work properly, the central unit was dead and it was only possible to control the air condition right at the wall mounted unit. This means the air condition was either on or off as the automatic control was not working.

The room looked a bit run down, but was clean. There was no hidden dust in the corner or in the typical spots.

I had breakfast in the morning in the restaurant and the service was okay, not overly friendly, but attentive. The quality of the food was okay, the portion varied from more of the small side (cereals) to really large (fresh fruit). Coffee comes in a large pot while the breakfast items are chosen from the menu. The 10 USD voucher can get you a free breakfast, but I had to spend a few dollars more.

Check out was friendlier than check in. The folio was correct and I was wished a good trip.

The hotel is a good and affordable place for a night close to the airport. The rooms are okay, though the quality and appearance of the room has room for improvement. The mattress is very soft. Service in the hotel is a bit hit and miss and depending on the agent you are dealing with. I have encountered friendly and helpful agents as well as some not looking at you while talking to you and without and unfriendly. An advantage is that you will received points and a 10USD voucher for breakfast at the restaurant as Platinum Amenity and that pool and gym are open close to 24 hours. I will stay there again, but probably only for a night after a late arrival or before an early departure, probably not for longer.



Arrival Date: June 01, 2012
Departure Date: June 02, 2012
Room type booked: Traditional Room
Rate Plan: Limited Time Advanced Purchase Rate
Room Number: 532
Room Rate: 74.25 USD excl. taxes

Status of Guest Program: Platinum

I took the shuttle from the airport to the hotel after I arrived by CTA from downtown Chicago for this last night. The scheduled shuttle arrived after a few minutes wait and soon I was on my way to the hotel.

Check in was this time friendlier and I was addressed by name, but not welcomed back, though my last stay was only two days earlier. The agent confirmed that I received 250 points Platinum amenity and I was given a voucher for 10 USD credit for breakfast. As I was leaving earlier, she mentioned, that I can use them during dinner as well if I want. Again no information about an upgrade was given during check in.

The room had the same layout than the one I got during my last stay.

The ambiance of the room was the same and also the quality of the work regarding outlets, carpet amomg other things. This time, there was no cordless phone in the bathroom and the furniture had even more scratches. On the other side the air condition unit was working.

The bed was too soft for my taste and the mattress was probably not the best.

The room looked also bit run down, but was clean. This time there were some dust and the cleanliness was lacking a little bit. It looked, as if the room was swiped with the vacuum cleaner a bit in a hurry. The room was from my impression even more poorly soundproofed than the room I was assigned during my stay two days earlier.

I tried the restaurant for dinner. The service was attentive and friendly. Food was delivered quickly and the portions were large. Quality was average but the prices okay.