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My brother and friends had to fly to New York to perform at the Volta Show as part of a project of another friend. He and two friends had to play every hour of the hour a twenty minutes peace as music written to a short movie. As my brother told me about it, I was thinking this was a good reason to fly to NY, but fares were high for the flights I had to use, since I was due to business reason a bit inflexible at this time. Our parents thought about flying there, too. Finally the flights I need pooped up in “W”, earning only 50% of the miles, but for affordable 592 USD. So tickets were booked. For hotels, I searched a bit, but decided to stay as a Royal Ambassador at “The Barclay” using a BOGO for the second night and moving to another place for the last night. After some research and buying the Hampton Inn Seaport on a fully flexible for 156 USD, the Doubletree Metropolitan had a rate of 151 USD for the night Sunday to Monday. Not much cheaper, but the Doubletree is just 400 metres from the IC and right at the entrance to the subway to Jamaica. So hotels were booked, too.

After I had booked, our parents and the parents of my brothers friends decided to fly to NY, too. It could not be, that I was flying there, visiting my brother and they stay at home. As berlinflyer postponed his birthday to the Saturday, I decided to maximize this trip, both in family business and in Flyertalk business – like berlinflyer said the “other family” – in joining them too.

I was a really pleasant trip with gorgeous weather Friday to Sunday and a lot of fun seeing many old (and new) friends I wanted to meet but have never had the opportunity to do so in the past.

Okay, I am prmoting my brother and his friends a bit: The homepage of my brother's other ensemble called Piu-Alto.