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US Airways had in the December an some great fares which booked in K class and therefore earned 100% miles on Lufthansa's Miles and More Program. Since the fares were lower than the fares on Lufthansa and I had to requalify for Senator Status I booked a flight to New York via Philadelphia and another one to Chicago via Charlotte in February. And racking up more than 25000 miles with both flights.

After the flight to New York I booked two days earlier I wanted to try the other hub of US: CLT. And of course this means racking up more miles, although I had to transfer in Frankfurt from the lower gates of the awful concourse C.

I have written it a few times, I am interested in architecture and so Chicago is on the cities I wanted to visit every not and then. After a two day trip back in 2006 and a few overnight transfer with to little time to head to the city, I wanted to spend a bit more time in downtown Chicago. Plans to meet up with friends had to be cancelled last minute, so I had a bit more free time than planed. And I apologise for not contacting flyertalkers in Chicago as requested.