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Scheduled on the weekend after the Freddies was a moderator workshop in Fort Lauderdale. In the fist time, it looked, if I was not able to make it, since a meeting was scheduled for this day. Later we had to cancel this meeting, because another event was scheduled for April 23rd and 24th. Luckily this was cut down to only one day and so I was able to book a flight over the weekend to Fort Lauderdale to join the moderator workshop.

I was a bit difficult to get an affordable fare with this inflexibility on my side but after some research and a bit of luck, because LX had opened up a specific fare class I needed, I booked a round trip ticket on LX / LH going DUS-ZRH-MIA and MIA-FRA-DUS for 704 EUR. Not really cheap, but the best I could get.

So I had the possibility to compare LX with LX in Economy.

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