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US Airways had in the December an some great fares which booked in K class and therefore earned 100% miles on Lufthansa's Miles and More Program. Since the fares were lower than the fares on Lufthansa and I had to requalify for Senator Status I booked a flight to New York via Philadelphia and another one to Chicago via Charlotte in February and racking up more than 25000 miles with both flights. I have not flown US since 2006 and did not want to fly them again, but the fares were simply to good to let them pass.

And New York is always worth a trip, especially in winter. Okay, it is cold in January, but I love this time of the year for a trip to the Big Apple. The city is not that crowded with tourists and usually the weather is not that bad.

A few days before my trip, it happened that lucky9867coins was also going to New York and there was in honour of his trip to NY a mini Do.