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I had to requalify for my Senator status in 2009 and already flown more than 80000 status miles until End of July. Therefore I decided to make use of a special fare on US again, earning 100% miles on Miles and More. The date was set in the last two weeks of August, since I had my boss agreed in a two week vacation and it was my birthday on August 22nd. Flyertalker cathaana had also a voucher to use on US, so she decided to accompany me and she also discovered a special rate at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. Therefore we had the hotels for two nights, a flight, booked another hotel for a quick shopping trip to the Philadelphia Premium Outlet and the King of Prussia Mall and we were joined on my birthday by two other flyertalkers and decided to celebrate my birthday with a High Tea in the Four Seasons.

Okay, you can now chip, that I should not fly US on a special occasion, but paying for the trip out of my own pocket, the fare on LH was by far more than double what I had paid for US. And I am still thinking, I should not spoil me too much. Four Season and Business Class would have been too much ...