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I could not participate in the first Star Mega Do 2009 due to work obligations. Dates for the second Star Mega Do 2010 were announced and I was able to get a week off at work. Now the big question was how to fly to Houston? The fares offered by Lufthansa were quite high and I was not in the need for requalification in 2010 so I ended in booking a mixed award using miles from my Miles and More account, first class on the way to Houston and Business Class on the way back from Seattle.

The charter flight was booked in Economy and I decided to participate in all events. In the end it was a really nice trip and I enjoyed it very much, especially being able to see the Dreamliner test planes in Everett and the first 747-8 Intercontinental being built among a few 787 and 777.

First it was Lufthansa with a tour of the 380 “Munich” and many persons responsible for the product were there and answered our question but also were looking for feedback. This continued in several workshops with Lufthansa people. Dinner and a reception in the First Class Terminal followed.

A bit disappointing were the United / Continental meeting in Houston as they did not give and real update about the merger. In the end it was a lunch buffet in front of a 737-800 in an airport hangar. On the other hand who could say he had lunch eye in eye with an 737-800?

The FT Awards was a big event, not only, because one could say some flyertalkers in business outfit with jacket and tie. Lufthansa and Marriott were the big winners ...

US Airways were a nice change, the event was hosted in the Desert Botanical Garden and not a hangar. I like it, as I was not able to visit this place during my visit there in 2006. And the CEO Dough Parker spoke to us and answered our questions. They had arranged for a big breakfast buffet and high ranked executives were there. It was a nice event and I was able to talk to a few people.

The flight to Everett was the highlight, being able to land at an airport which is usually not flown by airlines. Boeing offered a real event, not only touring the facilities but also being able to get into the 787. This was a first for people other than airline executives who had bought 787. And it was also a first for some of the Boeing people who guided us.

The event closed with a reception at the Sheraton Seattle with a reception hosted by Starwood.