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After my flight marathon in May it was not really necessary to book a mileage run. However during planing in late 2010 / early 2011 I was not sure if I was able to fly all flights of this trip as planed and booked.
Therefore I had decided to play safe and booked a mileage run to San Juan as part of a planed trip to California. I did not maximize the routing possibilities and routed the flight via Denver. The only reason was to meet a friend who was there for Business and I had not been to Denver for more than a couple of hours. The fare allowed a transit from 23:59 and I could maximize the transit time. My third mileage run and a good opportunity to share my experiences of various flights with US Airways.

A meeting with a colleague in San Francisco was scheduled for Sunday late afternoon after I returned from my mileage run. I decided to fly down to Los Angeles to meet another colleague, but plans had to be canceled and instead to cancel my flight I thought of making use of the cheaper rates in Palm Springs and relax a few days before flying back.

I flew back from San Francisco via Toronto with another longer layover in Toronto before continuing my trip via Montreal and London to Düsseldorf.

I requalified for my Lufthansa Miles & More Senator Status already on my way back from Philadelphia to Las Vegas but decided to credit the miles to my Miles & More account also the remaining flight would have easily got me Silver on British Midland. Looking back this decision was not my best one. Although I have some knowledge of the programs I thought the merger of BMI and BA would need more time and my plan was to credit the flights of 2012 to BMI to qualify for Silver and hope for a status match to British Airways Executive Club later in 2012. Out of sudden, everything was set in the second quarter.

The mileage run was booked by my colleagues of SkyTravelAgent in Munich and through my own travel agency Reisenunlimited.