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Hampton Inn O'Hare / Elk Grove Village
(no longer a Hampton Inn)

This Hampton Inn is no longer a Hampton Inn; it belongs now as far as I know to the Choice Hotels. Therefore I will shorten this report a bit in comparison to the other reports.

The hotel was despite its name not really near to ORD airport, but in Elk Grove Village. The ride by the shuttle took around 20 minutes from terminal 5, where we had arrived.

The hotel is a typical Hampton Inn, a three storey building with a parking lot on the one and other building and a road on the other side.

After you have entered the hotel, you are just right in front of the lobby. Opposite it the breakfast area with a TV and some chairs. The rooms could be reached by a elevator.

The shuttle service provided by the hotel is either done by a van or by a minivan (and it happens that they use a minivan with six seats for seven people).

visited on Pazifikhopping 2006


Arrival Date: 20 May 2006
Departure Date: 21 May 2006
Room type booked: Standard
Rate Plan: Fully flexible rate
Room Number: 215
Room Rate: 69.00 USD (excl. taxes)

Status of Guest Program: Gold

The Hampton Inn was not listened at the information board with the courtesy phone, so I used my mobile to call the hotel and was told the shuttle was on its way. We waited for app. 15 minutes before the shuttle arrived and had on the way to the hotel some small talk with the other guest in the shuttle. There were a convention in Chicago and therefore the downtown hotels were completely sold out and also the airport hotels pretty packed with guests. So the Hampton Inn was really a bargain as I booked it.

At check in we were friendly greeted by staff. After the usual check of credit card and passport we got the key (cards) to our room. The lobby is looking pretty basic; the only modern thing was the huge LCD TV.

The room was okay and definitively not that bad at all. In the small hallway were the wardrobe and the entrance to the bathroom. This was above-average-seize and had a bath, a toilet and a sunk. Showerhead was okay and so was the shower curtain. Towels were provided for two guests.

The room had two single beds with a bedside table between the beds and reading lamps. The beds were of the softer side, but okay for just one night. Between the bed and the wall was the working desk with chair, lamp and phone with LAN connection. The chair was a bit too big for the desk. On the other side was the TV, stored in a board like in the most hotels.

Breakfast in the morning was limited to the Hampton Inn choices. I had a bagel and a coffee, which were okay.

Overall for one night, it was okay. But as there is nothing in the neighbourhood, you probably need a car if you want to be mobile.