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Hyatt Place Fremont / Silicon Valley

The Hyatt Place Fremont / Silicon Valley is located in Fremont, close to the Interstate with an exit right next to the hotel.

The hotel is built like the most hotels of the Hyatt Place chain, so nothing new regarding interior and exterior of this hotel. The parking lot is located around the hotel. The hotel has five floors. The driveway in front of the entrance is covered, so unloading is possible if it rains, but then one has to park the car, because passing the entrance with a car while another car is parked in front if is impossible.

After one enters the hotel, the check in desk is right across the entrance. Only one place is available to check in guests, but a self check in machine is also available. On the right side are some lounge chairs, chairs and tables.

On the left side was the corner where small food items were sold and also beverages in the evening and throughout the day. Further on the right side was the place for the breakfast buffet and more chairs and tables.

The hotel has a pool, which is located outside the hotel and could only reached via the parking lot which is not really nice. There were no towels provided and the water was not really clean. A few sun chairs are placed around the hotel, but is it not really a nice place, neither for lying in the sun nor for swimming. A Jacuzzi was not available and also no changing room. Definitively not a nice place and regarding missing locker rooms one has to walk through the lobby with wet bath clothes.
The gym was located on the ground floor behind the elevators and the check in area. It was also small and only a very few machines were available, like two treadmills and a bike.

The design of the public area is not that bad, more modern, but also a bit standardized. Brown colour is the most dominant colour together with bricks. Compared e.g. to some older Hilton Garden Inns, I would prefer this design.

Two PC with printers were also available on the ground floor and also meeting rooms.

visited on California + London (LA + Bay Area)

Stays April 26, 2010.

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Arrival Date: 26 April 2010
Departure Date: 27 April 2010
Room type booked: Kind Bed
Rate Plan: AAA Rate
Room Number: 503
Room Rate: 98.00 USD (excluding taxes)

Status of Guest Program: Platinum

I arrived at the hotels around 16:00 and was friendly greeted. I was checked in and everything was prepared. I therefore had only to sign and was also offered a wine glass as gift. The features of the hotels were not explained, but I was informed about the time breakfast was served.

There are two elevators to reach the floors with the rooms. From my impression, they are a bit slow and during peak times, especially in the morning waiting times may occur.

The rooms in a Hyatt Place are different from that in other hotels and so I was keen to see what the room look like in a Hyatt Place. The rooms a larger and have a separate living area, a comfortable desk and a refrigerator, a sink; a huge Flat TV is also one of the features of the rooms. It could be compared in terms of size and shape with a junior suite in many hotels.

After entering the room one is right in the living area. A comfortable sofa on the right side and the desk on the other side with a small sort of wet bar area (a microwave would be nice to have).

A cordless phone was placed next to the sofa on a small table. The desk was big enough to work on it; the wireless signal was strong enough to use it for up- and download. The room was partly separated by a wall. In the other part, next to the window, was the sleeping area with a king bed. Two bedside tables on each side with wall mounted (reading) lamps above the bedside tables. An alarm clock was placed on one of them while a phone was placed on the other side.

A walk in closet was opposite the bed. Iron and Ironing board were stored in the closet. Like in many US hotels, the sink was placed in the room rather than in the bathroom. A mirror was here as well as the hairdryer In a separate room were the bath and the toilet. This room was very tiny and also very dark with the light not being very bright. Towels were provided for two persons and two small, medium and large towels were offered.

The room was cosy and the sofa was a great place to relax in the evening and watching television or listen to music. Pictures at the wall gave the room a more personal feeling. Music and Video on demand were available but one could also plug in own devices using the input system.

Nearly no scratches in the carpet or at the wall and barely any stains in the carpet.

The breakfast was served buffet style. The buffet was more continental style with cereals, bagels, philadelphia cheese but also a selection of fresh fruit. Coffee and tea were available for self service. In addition hot items were offered for purchase.

The staff was of average attentiveness regarding the cleaning of used items like plates and glasses. I found the number of chairs and tables also a bit low.

Check out was fast, but my Costco certificate had to be verified by the general manager, which took a couple of minutes.

Overall the stay was okay. The location was very good, due to the close highway entrance / exit. The Bay Area could be reached quite good by car and so could be the Silicon Valley. It is a good location for someone, who has more than one appointment or in different locations in this area. The downside is the pool, which has a not so nice location and the gym being really small.